Beginner 8 Ball Coaching

Beginner 8 Ball Coaching, Welcome to the beginner section of this coaching manual. In it, the main subjects that will be covered in coaching at a beginner level are outlined and explained. This is the place to start if you have an interest in the game of 8-ball and wish to play at a better level. You will learn the basics of the game, the rules, strategy, technical aspect and more. Even the most experienced player has something that he or she can learn from in here.


The basic stance for any cue sport is that pictured in the adjacent diagram.
The feet must be shoulder width apart, standing in a front on manner so as the cue can be moved freely without hitting the body excessively. The front leg must be slightly in front of the back, and bent. The back leg must be vertical. You must be bent at the waist with backside in the air.

Bridging is the way in which you hold your cue in your hand that is on the table. There are several techniques and way in which this can be done. The first I will cover is the standard bridge, which consists of the player placing their bridge hand firmly on the felt, with a flat palm, then slowly pulling their fingers towards themselves as if trying to grip the felt. This results in a cupped hand grip upon the table. The thumb must be raised in order for the cue to glide between the thumb and index finger.

Cueing is one of the most important things in all cue sports. A straight and smooth cue action will lead to good potting. Cueing must be performed with “feathering” motions. That is, smooth back and forward pendulum-like movements. The cue must be at horizontal to the table as possible.

Game strategy becomes more important at the higher level of play, but there are basic game strategys that can be learnt by anybody.

Beginner 8 Ball Coaching

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